Halloween Trunk or Treat!
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October 28th, 2018  5pm

1900 East Barataria Street, 65804


We seek to serve by spreading the unconditional love that God has for all.

encountering truth

We read the Bible thoughtfully and believe it holds many meaningful lessons and truths, but something need not always be literal in order to be true. We even believe God can be seen and experienced through scientific discovery; we take the Bible seriously but not always literally.

sermons & reflections

Our ministers use their education and life experiences to craft thought provoking sermons that challenge the listener. You will find that questions are encouraged inside our doors and that our differences, as much as our similarities, draw us together as a community.

justice & hospitality

We believe that we are called to be “the hands and feet of Christ” in a broken world. We stand with those oppressed due to economic status, race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other reason and fight for a world where all are treated with the dignity and respect that God’s love demands.

guided by love
God is love. We are guided by the principle of love and all that we teach and do is with the intent of drawing nearer to the perfect and unconditional love made known to us in Jesus Christ.
Sermon Series
Healing Spiritual Wounds

Sermon from: Rev Phil Snider

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Sundays 10:00am, beginning August 5th 2018

1900 E Barataria Street 65804

Our next sermon series is inspired by Carol Howard Merritt’s book, Healing Spiritual Wounds: Reconnecting with a Loving God After Experiencing a Hurtful Church.

“While we go to church to affirm our deepest ideals, too often people receive spiritual wounds rather than nurture. Whether these wounds are due to the sting of sexism, homophobia, religious politics, or abuse, the challenge becomes finding healing and reconnecting with a loving and nurturing God going forward. For Presbyterian minister and author Carol Howard Merritt, this is precisely her calling: to help us recover a loving and life-giving faith in the wake of suffering at the hands of the church.” – From the back cover

Be sure to join us!

Sermons to Feed Your Heart & Mind

“If love is the only measure, then the only measure of love is love without measure.”

St. Augustine, Christian Theologian & Philosopher
loving god
loving others in the world
Our church encourages people to engage in community to strengthen one another, the church, and the world around us. To keep our church running smoothly, we have committees anyone can join…ask about them today!
Members in the Church
Church Pastors
Church Outreach Efforts
Lives touched for Good
Remaining To Help

The commitments we make to each of the organizations we support are completely funded by your generous offerings. We believe that the important work that God calls us to demands of our time, talents, and resources and ask you to thoughtfully consider how you can help serve.

Remaining To Help

Amount of monthly giving needed to meet church budgeted goals and outreach efforts

Amanda A.
Brentwood Christian Church Member

On our very first visit 5 years ago both the Welcome message at the beginning of service and the Benediction at the end had me in tears and I knew we had found the church home we longed to raise our children in.

Jeanie S.
Brentwood Christian Church Member
Having attended many denominations and experienced starting a church, I have some specific
requirements for the congregation in which I immerse myself. I knew I needed a church that followed
Christ’s example of love and grace for all, intolerance of corruption and oppression, and ministry to poor
and marginalized communities. Brentwood’s record of social justice and activism speaks volumes to me.
I couldn’t imagine a better fit.
Cory G.
Brentwood Christian Church Member

I’ve attended church all my life, but I’ve never been part of a church that extends the kind of welcome, hospitality, and grace that I’ve experienced at Brentwood. It truly is a place where all are welcome and all belong.

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