Upcoming Sermon Series:

The Way to the Cross, The Way of the Cross


This Sunday marks the beginning of a new sermon series for the season of Lent that explores the Way Jesus walked to the Cross and the how we as followers of Jesus are called to walk the Way of the Cross. Over the years, it has become easy for Christians to sentimentalize the Cross, to make it a symbol of transaction rather than the consequence of a life lived in dedication to the least of these and in resistance to the power of empire. When we follow Christ, we need to see the cross as more than simply what Christ has done for us individually and recognize it as a way that challenges us to resist empire and to seek the ones who have been harmed by the powers that be. Rev. Emily Bowen-Marler will explore some of the stories in the Gospels that illuminate the Way of the Cross walked by Jesus.

March 10 – Jesus in the Wilderness, “Simply Living So Others May Simply Live”
March 17 – The Parable of the Lost Sheep, “Abandoned and Welcomed”
March 24 – Zaccheus and Jesus, “Emptying of Prosperity”
March 31 – Abraham, Isaac, and Jesus, “What Kind of Sacrifice?”

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