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Worship returns to the sanctuary on Easter Sunday, April 17!

Updates to our beautiful sanctuary are nearing completion and we are on schedule to return to worshipping in the sanctuary on Easter Sunday!

(If you are new to Brentwood, here are some details about visiting for the first time.)

Sanctuary improvements include:

  • Accessible seating and navigation for those using wheelchairs and walkers
  • New flooring, freshly painted walls, reupholstered pews and updated fixtures to help inspire welcome for all
  • New, energy efficient LED lighting that eliminates dark spots, improves visibility during services, and enhances livestream broadcasts

More things to know about our return to the sanctuary: 

  • Updated masking guidelines take effect [details here]
  • A newly installed ramp on the west entry makes it easier to enter our building while using a wheel chair
  • Emily and Phil have written a new song in dedication to Brentwood in celebration of this moment, to be unveiled on Easter Sunday (don’t worry, Phil was only responsible for the lyrics not the music! 🙂
  • The Children’s Message with Pastor Sarah returns to weekly worship
  • The Children’s Easter Egg Hunt returns this Easter following worship
  • The return of Children’s Church (see details below)

Important things to know about the return of children’s church:

In addition to the return of the Children’s Message during our main worship service at 10AM in the sanctuary, we’re also celebrating the return of Children’s Worship & Wonder (which is our name for Children’s Church). Here’s how it works:

  • Age: Children’s Worship & Wonder with Pastor Sarah is for children pre-K thru 2nd grade*
  • Time: Children’s Worship & Wonder begins after the Children’s Message in the main worship service in the sanctuary (this takes place toward the beginning of the service). Children ages pre-K thru 2nd grade who would like to attend can go with Pastor Sarah after she gives the Children’s Message during the main service. Children who would like to remain in the sanctuary are welcome to do so.
  • Location: Children’s Worship & Wonder meets in Room 16 [map]
  • Option for Children Under Five: Due to vaccine eligibility and masking policies, children under 5 have the option to be dropped off in the nursery and toddler rooms until Children’s Worship & Wonder begins, at which point they can then go to Children’s Worship & Wonder with Pastor Sarah once it starts. Everyone working with children under 5 will continue to wear masks.

* A note about age groups: Children’s Worship & Wonder is designed for young children. The focus of Worship and Wonder is the Bible story; young children process story time differently than older elementary children and Worship & Wonder is structured around the developmental needs of younger kids. This is a change from what we’ve been doing during the pandemic, in which we had a modified children’s church including older elementary ages, particularly because children five and older were not eligible to be vaccinated until recently.