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What is Reconstruct?

Many of us (locally and beyond) have gone through the process of what’s popularly called deconstruction. While this can refer to several things, most commonly it refers to those who’ve grown up — or been around — toxic versions of Christianity, and they are in the process of reconsidering/rejecting/rethinking what they’ve been taught. In the process of deconstructing, sometimes it’s hard to know what, if anything, to hold onto. That’s where this series comes in.

To be 100% clear, the Reconstruct series is not a smoke and mirrors game, or a ploy in which we acknowledge deconstruction but then swoop in to say why it is wrong and in turn tell you what you must believe. Not at all. The Reconstruct series at Brentwood:

  • Affirms the value of deconstructing and gives space for people to sort through their questions together
  • Supports those who no longer know what they believe, or even if they do believe
  • Offers introductions to non-toxic expressions of Christianity rooted in justice, love and liberation
  • Helps people put the pieces back together in a meaningful way, whether or not one wishes to continue identifying as a Christian or not

Participants don’t have to attend every session; they’re designed to work as stand alone conversations as well as ones that can continue over the course of the series.

When does Reconstruct meet?

The Reconstruct series is facilitated by Phil Snider and guests and meets in the downstairs Fellowship Hall from 6-7:30pm on the first Wednesday of each month. Activities for children and youth (including the cooperative youth group) also take place at Brentwood during the same time. Nursery care is provided. Feel free to reach out to Phil with any questions (