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Springfield Stations of the Cross


As we share the ancient story of Good Friday, we invite you to reflect on modern day stories of crucifixion in our city. As we journey through stations of the cross in Springfield, holding the grief, sorrow and pain of many places in our city, we come together to learn the stories, our history, and imagine together how we might live into a hopeful future. This opportunity is provided for personal use or for groups. You may participate on your own at any time on Friday or you can meet at either noon or 6:30pm on the Square to caravan together. You may also participate virtually by reflecting on the images and meditations provided.

Here are the instructions you’ll need for participating:

  1. First, use this map to easily find the sites you’ll visit
  2. Then, reflect on the images and meditations provided for each site. You can download them as a PDF, or participate on Facebook or Instagram

We’re grateful to our friends from National Avenue Christian Church, Ekklesia and The Connecting Grounds for collaborating with us on this project.