SGF Cooperative Youth Group

The Springfield Cooperative Youth Group creates a safe space for teens in Springfield to:

  • Connect with one another.

  • Engage in critical conversations about faith, social justice, and relevant issues.

  • Have an opportunity to volunteer and make a positive impact on our community.

  • Advocate for systemic change in our city and state.

  • Channel their creativity and artistic abilities into group projects.

Events & Info

Numerous activities and events take place on a regular basis. The best way to keep up with youth activities is by visiting the Springfield Cooperative Youth Group homepagesubscribing to our newsletter and joining our Parent/Guardian Facebook page.

In addition to Sunday School every week at 9am at Brentwood (Room 17), activities and events for 6-12th graders take place once or twice a week.


Brentwood Christian Church and our partners at The Connecting Grounds are founding members of the Springfield Cooperative Youth Group, an initiative designed to equip local youth to do justice, love kindness and experience belonging.

This innovative model allows participating congregations to come together on shared projects that make a huge difference in the city of Springfield, as well as to plan activities and programs specific to the needs of the youth ministries in each congregational setting.

Participants not only have the opportunity to create deep meaning by collaborating on important community projects, but they also build a strong sense of belonging by being part of a youth group committed to the affirmation, dignity and equality of all people.