Children's Church

Children’s Church meets every Sunday during our 10AM worship service. Here are the details you need to know:

  • Age: Children’s Church with Pastor Sarah is for children pre-K thru 2nd grade*
  • Time: Children’s Church begins after the Children’s Message in the main worship service in the sanctuary (this takes place toward the beginning of the service). Children ages pre-K thru 2nd grade who would like to attend can go with Pastor Sarah after she gives the Children’s Message during the main service. Children who would like to remain in the sanctuary are welcome to do so.
  • Location: Children’s Church meets in Room 16 [map]
  • Option for Children Under Five: Due to vaccine eligibility and masking policies, children under 5 have the option to be dropped off in the nursery and toddler rooms until Children’s Church begins, at which point they can then go to Children’s Church with Pastor Sarah once it starts. Everyone working with children under 5 will continue to wear masks.

* A note about age groups: Children’s Church is designed for young children. The focus is the Bible story; young children process story time differently than older elementary children and our Children’s Church is structured around the developmental needs of younger children.