After over a year of gathering virtually, we’ve resumed in-person worship! We gather every Sunday in the sanctuary at 10AM. Here’s a link with details on logistics, including special policies and procedures you’ll likely want to know. And rest assured you can still livestream all of our services at Be sure to follow our blog and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with our latest activities and updates!

Sunday Morning Worship at 10am

“Worship provides Christians with an opportunity to leave behind—for momentary and fragile periods—the structures of inequality and violence that pervade our lives and to imagine—even more, to experience—an alternative mode of being, a place and time where justice and peace are known—a foretaste of the reign of God . . . Political organization, action, and protest will always be necessary if we desire to reform society, but we must pursue ritual action as well—where in an environment of beauty and abundance, in gathering with neighbors and strangers, in the encounter of the Holy, we know a joy that makes us dissatisfied with anything less in our every day lives.” -Scott Haldmann


We know it’s not easy to visit a church for the first time, so we hope these FAQs are helpful. Feel free to reach out with any other questions that come to mind (

Map & Directions

When is the worship service?
Our Sunday morning worship service is at 10:00 a.m., in person or online.

Where should I park?
You are welcome to park in one of the spaces reserved for visitors (these will be on your left as soon as you enter the parking lot). There is additional parking behind the church building.

Where is the sanctuary?
The sanctuary is located just inside the east doors, which are painted red.

What activities are available for my children on Sunday mornings?
We are slowly resuming in person activities after over a year of gathering online, so things still aren’t quite back to our regular schedule. For now, Children’s Church (for those second grade and younger) takes place during our 10AM worship service. Children can be dropped off in the Fellowship Hall (use the south doors next to the outdoors playground). See our programs page for more info on children and youth ministries. There’s also a nursery for babies through two-year-olds.

What should I wear?
Feel free to come as you are and dress as you’d like. Here at Brentwood, you’ll find all different sorts of people from all different walks of life. Some people wear a tie or a dress and others have tattoos and piercings. Some people with tattoos and piercings wear a tie or a dress. You get the idea. For now we are still requiring face masks.

What about accessibility for those with concerns about mobility?
Each of the entrances at Brentwood are accessible without having to use stairs (the east doors are the ones closest to the sanctuary, where there is a ramp next to the stairs; the other entrances do not have any stairs), and reserved parking is available at each of these entrances as well. Additionally, there is a commercial-grade elevator that allows for easy access between floors.

Our Welcome Statement

Every Sunday morning, we open our worship service with this welcome statement:

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here:

If you are young or old, you are welcome

If you have brown skin, black skin, white skin, or any color of skin, you are welcome

If you are married or single, you are welcome

If you are gay or straight, you are welcome

If you are a man or a woman, both or neither, you are welcome

If you cannot hear or see, you are welcome

If you are sick or well, you are welcome

If you are happy or sad, you are welcome

If you are disabled, you are welcome

If you are an immigrant, like Jesus was, you are welcome

If you are rich or poor, powerful or weak, you are welcome

If you believe in God some of the time or none of the time or all of the time, you are welcome here.

(Adapted from Shaping Sanctuary)