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In partnership with the Rainbow Network, Brentwood sponsors the village of Temoa, Nicaragua. This sponsorship allows us to:

Provide Healthcare

A medical doctor with medicines providse a clinic in the community every week; Patients with special medical needs receive medical treatments, medicines and follow up care; A public health director organizes nutrition centers, water treatment and workshops on family planning, personal hygiene, pre-natal care, and family nutrition; Dental and optical programs; Other public health programs (water purification, parasite control, and lice control treatments).

Operate Feeding/Nutritional Centers

Feed an average of 116 people per day feeding children, nursing mothers and at risk elderly 6 days a week.

Provide Education

An education director who enrolls students, distributes tuition, organizes tutoring sessions, and trains teachers; Provides school supplies and books.

Economic Development

An economic development director who provides training to manage the family business and income for families participating in the micro-loan program; micro-loans that help get small businesses off the ground.

Why Nicaragua?

It is the poorest Spanish speaking country in the world; 4 million earn less than $2 per day; 3 of 4 children suffer from malnutrition; 1.1 million do not have a home; 12% will never reach the age of 40.