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About Our Relationship with The Connecting Grounds

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with our ministry partners from The Connecting Grounds (TCG) on several outreach initiatives. Here are some of the cooperative projects we share:

Our newest collaboration emerges out of our shared vision to extend year round shelter in Springfield. Because TCG is committed to using their church sanctuary space to provide year round transitional shelter, they need a place to hold their Saturday evening church worship service. Since Brentwood’s downstairs Fellowship Hall is not used on Saturday nights, being able to donate this space for worship allows Brentwood to follow in the path of Jesus by supporting vital year round transitional shelter in Springfield by offering a place for TCG to hold worship.

While the Brentwood Fellowship Hall is used as a worship space for this particular collaboration and not as a shelter space, it emerges out of our shared commitment to increase extended shelter options in Springfield, especially for families experiencing crisis. We are grateful for the opportunity to share love together in the spirit of Jesus!

How is our collaboration with The Connecting Grounds different than our collaboration with Trinity Presbyterian Church?

Trinity Presbyterian Church is nested at Brentwood, meaning they share the entire building, including having their own offices and classrooms, throughout the week, on a 24/7 basis. The building is always available for their use. Trinity and Brentwood also share support staff positions, including administrative and custodial staff. This is very different from The Connecting Grounds, which meets in the Fellowship Hall for worship a couple of hours a week on Saturday evenings.